What Is The Ideal Temperature In A Roof Space?

The roof usually does not come into focus until something goes wrong. Here is some good information about roof ventilation.

HDS Advantec

Generally we think of roof ventilation as something that is beneficial to our homes in especially hot weather. A well-ventilated rood space or attic will ensure that hot air that rises has somewhere to go, and that somewhere is outside away from your living space. If heat doesn’t escape through the roof, it essential remains trapped in the house and as more and more heat builds up it is pushed back into the rooms of your house. This is obviously not ideal when you’re trying to avoid the heat.

ideal temperature

Not only does the roof space need a few exit points for the heat to escape, but it needs to have something to flush it out. Ultimately, the level of air movement in this area needs to be kept up in order for the house to cool itself more efficiently.


Roof ventilation systems are designed to increase air flow in this…

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