I Want to Buy a Home!

Once upon a time, I was a first time home buyer. Now I am an Agent and Realtor, helping other people on their journey, either buying and/or selling. It’s an interesting story actually, since that initial buying experience, led me to where I am today!

It was 2012 and real estate was still recovering from the collapse that had effected the entire nation in 2007. My husband and I were getting ready to have our first child and realized, as many others do, that it was time to find our first home. We wanted to stop wasting our incomes, on paying someone else’s mortgage, and pay our own. It was an investment and something to call our own. The time was right, the interest rates were at an all time low and we felt comfortable and excited about this new opportunity so we started our search. Sound familiar?

When you start to look for a home, ESPECIALLY your first home, you begin with a list of “must-haves”. We started looking in the area where we were currently renting and realized that we could comfortably afford older homes that would soon require expensive updates, like a roof or HVAC systems. This caused us to expand our search and realize that we might have to adjust what our “must-haves” were.

Long story short, we ended up building in an area a bit farther away than expected and found that we got much more for our money. We were able to put our money into what mattered most to us. It was a good trade and couldn’t have been a better first home choice.


I had such a good time during this process and was lucky enough to have a good agent on my side, that I decided to begin a career in this field. I wanted others to enjoy this as much as I had and wanted to be a part of the reason why!

I eventually joined a real estate team as their Risk Management Specialist, taking care of their national investor. I was able to train other agents in what the investor was looking for, procurring properties, analyzing their best interest and then taking them from contract to close, excluding any negotiations. I was in this position for 9 months and was involved in the closing of over 50 properties.

Next, I moved into the Team Manager role, continuing the same duties for residential buyers and sellers and after six months transitioned into the Director of Operations. I worked on a team for a total of two and a half years, being involved with well over 100 closings, finally deciding to go out on my own as an individual agent . I was excited to realize my long-awaited dream to assist others in their real estate needs, finally becoming a Broker.

I share my journey with you because the road travelled is one filled with many relatable parts and it is always helpful to know who you are working with.

I believe in my clients and their needs; valuing COMMUNICATION, EDUCATION and SUPPORT. This is what I offer you as your real estate agent and look forward to working with you!


Ashley Hadi

Broker/ Realtor




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