Makeover Your Kitchen for $500 or Less!

Whether you need to upgrade for yourself or you want to get your home on the market before the main season starts, check out these wonderful ideas for $500 or less! #AHadiRealty

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5 Ways to Save on a Remodel

Where do you start? What do you do when you do start? What is in your best interest and will add the best value?… Check this out before you tackle your next home project. #AHadiRealty

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You’ve Decided to Sell. Now What?!

Once you’ve decided to sell you home (and why not since inventory is low and it’s a great time to sell) and chosen the right agent for you, what is one thing you can do to get the most out of your sale right out of the gate? First of course, listen to your Realtor, and make sure you don’t make these mistakes!


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